I'm in my mid-40s, originally from India, handsome and eligible. My parents tried to get me married, but oh well. I began my tango career wearing a three-day stubble and a bandanna, even at the Verdi Club! But then I cleaned up and had a shave, and started wearing jeans instead of track suits. The bandanna has more or less been retired, once I learned to dance without breaking a sweat (yeah, I'm that good!). I can look pretty hot in a suit, which I wear at TangoUniverse milongas.

My teachers are Gustavo Naveira, Chicho Frumboli, Fabian Salas, blah blah blah (insert series of big names here). I see a lot of bios like that. To me, what that means is that "I've watched their performances on Youtube and I'll never try anything they do".

Seriously, though, I did take (private!) lessons from Cecilia Gonzalez, Jorge Torres, Luciana Valle, Fabian Salas, (one beginning lesson from) Mariana Dragone. I also took an advanced group workshop with Gustavo Naveira and Giselle. In 2011 I went to CITA and crammed group lessons, mostly with terrible dancers but all of them with fantastic material.

My main teachers are Gale Robinson and Phillip Dizick. With these two, it was like a tango and movement bootcamp. Without these two, I would be stumbling all over the place. They've both made an indelible impact on my life and I can't imagine life without having met them.

Gale ran the erstwhile Danceasy on the east bay. She made me cry because she was such a tough and unforgiving taskmaster. She has the most intricate knowledge of technique and structure, and has a rich, lovely personality and a dry sense of humor that makes her a treat to be around.

Phillip Dizick is a former competitive ballroom dancer, He is an extraordinary human being, and will irritate the hell out of you with details, yet you'll have the most rewarding experience being in his company and witnessing his stupendous grasp of movement. After working with him for a year, I underwent a major  transformation.

On many nights, I teach an intermediate structure and concept class at the TangoUniverse Milonga. I teach ways to discover figures on the dance floor using basic circularity. I usually pack my lessons with material and give technical tips. However, I encourage everyone to work at their own level without my talking their ears off with technique.

I'm developing as a DJ - people no longer clear the room (or ask innocently about the Saturday schedule of other DJs!). If you are looking for objective feedback on my DJing, you might ask one of our dancers.

In my non-tango life, I'm an Information Technology professional. I design IT solutions for primarily the financial industry. I have a Master's in Computer Science and a first degree in Engineering, which make for an analytical approach to my dance.

You are welcome to add me to Facebook ("Ashvin Iyer") - I'll be the best friend you ever had and I promise I won't write about what I'm wearing, or take pictures of the food I'm about to feed my dog, post inane status updates just to score "Like"s, or make asinine remarks about everyday nothings.

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