Concept class on Alternative Tango for Social Dancing at the Berkeley Alternative Milonga with 50-25-25 mix of tango/nuevo/non-tango music.

Following is a (non-comprehensive) list of concepts that will be explored in this class:

  • Taking a traditional pattern and using a concept such as a change in embrace to show what else we can do with the figure
  • Leader-follower exchange (i.e. a change in who leads).
  • Role reversal, e.g. the leader does the same steps as the follower but still maintains the leader role and embrace
  • Dancing a figure on an unusual side of the embrace, or with an unusual entrance.
  • Using hands and fingers to communicate moves out of embrace (for moves that borrow from salsa or swing).
  • Tango movement expressed in non-tango music
  • Inverse rotation (both partners move in opposite directions on a circle - e.g. the 4th Sacada and variations)
  • Reverse lead hold (leader holds partner in leader embrace but on the left side)
  • Technique for leading and following the molinete using normal-hand and crossed-hand positions, one-handed and two-handed.

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