Codes of Etiquette

****Please read this in its entirety****; there are aspects that you may not have considered. 

Our desire for a harmonious and enjoyable experience is achieved and enhanced by observing the codes of etiquette that have evolved over the years and are rooted in courtesy and respect for all the dancers at the milongas. We ask everyone to kindly abide by them.


Use the Mirada and Cabeceo to invite someone to dance.  Leaders may stand to get a better view (making sure not to block others' field of vision), or walk around the room to get closer to the follower he or she would like to invite.This is done from a respectable distance. Followers are expected to stay in their seats and avoid loitering around the room. This is to ensure fairness in access to invitations to dance.  

Behavior at the milonga
Avoid loud talking and boisterous conduct as it is disruptive.  Talking at the start of a song is acceptable. However, having extensive conversation while dancing is not. We all know how unpleasant it is to be kicked, run into, hit or stepped on. Avoid high boleos and moves that can threaten the safety of others. If a collision occurs, be polite and friendly. Acknowledge it by using eye contact and apologize at the end of the song, even if you’re not at fault.  

Share the floor responsibly. Adapt the amount of space you use based on how crowded the floor is, and do not cut across the dance floor. Avoid long stops that hamper the flow of the ronda. Leaders entering the dance floor when people are dancing should make eye contact with the leader that they want to enter in front of and wait for the signal that it is okay to proceed.
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Neri and Ashvin

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