See what social milongueros are saying about DJ Ashvin

Chooi Goh, Organizer

"We loved how you DJed and you kept us dancing the whole night! You are one of the best, if not the best! " (Friday Aug 27 2021)

Daniel Boardman, Festival Organizer

"Sincerely, I believe you are one of the top three or four DJs in the US.  " (Tucson Tango Festival,USA 2021via email)

Vijay, Tango DJ Peer

"Great job on Saturday nite DJ Ashvin Iyer Loved your cortinas as well  " (Tucson Tango Festival,USA 2021via facebook)

Barry Gillaspie, Tango DJ Peer

"I just wanted to personally let you know what a wonderful job you did with the music last night. You are truely one of the best around. " (Tucson Tango Festival,USA 2021 via fb private message)

Virginia Vasconi, International Tango Professional

Wonderful music!!!!! Thank you Ashvin Iyer" (International Tango Summit, Los Angeles,USA 2018)

Vita Markman, Tango DJ at various festivals (El Valenciano, Feb 26 2019)

"Thank you DJ Ashvin you never disappoints!!♥️♥️♥️ What a night at El V!"

Paloma Berrios Rodriguez, Tango Professional, Albuquerque Tango Festival 2017

"Dear @Ashvin Iyer was a real pleasure see you in Albuquerque. Your music was the best of the all festival, many people said the same! Congratulations to you!" (posted on private message 11/3/2017)

Daniel Boardman, Organizer, Albuquerque Tango Festival (2016, 2017)

"As always, great to have you as part of the festival. Also, I have received about 100 responses to my informal survey of this year's festival and many many people mentioned how much they enjoyed your DJing" (posted on private message 11/7/2017)

Jim Baker, Organizer, Tucson Tango Festival, Arizona

"You were a marvelous addition to the staff. I would highly recommend you to any festival. You hit home runs with every tanda. We will look forward to your return to a Tucson Tango Festival in the future" (posted on Facebook 4/12/2016)

"Ashvin Iyer is an amazing dj"

Linda Valentino, Tango Mio Milonga former organizer & owner of Downtown Dance & Movement, Los Angeles

"With all due respect to all the wonderful deejays who have worked at Tango Mio, this may well have been the best night of music EVER at this milonga. Ashvin Iyer you outdid yourself. Every tanda was a freakin' GEM! Thank you for setting a new standard for all of us deejays, everywhere." (posted on Facebook 5/13/2014)

 Ray Barbosa, Organizer, Chicago Tango Festival
"Ashwin, great music tonight at albuquerque tango festival!(Albuquerque Tango Festival 2016)

 Svetlana Petkovic, Tango Teacher, New Mexico, USA
"Special thanks to DJ Ashvin Iyer last night for incredible music! We had a difficult time sitting down " (Albuquerque Tango Festival 2016)

Michael Serry, Organizer Tango Turns Festival, Los Angeles CA 

"Your music was superb, and I will remember it!!
 "  (Friday, Oct 14 2016, Tango Turns Festival)

Sabah Chammas, DJ Peer and Former Organizer of San Diego Tango Festival
"really enjoyed your music last did a great job" (Friday Aug 5 2016, Genesis, San Francisco)

Paul Akmajian, DJ at various festivals
"Fantastic closing milonga tonight. Ashvin crushed it with awesome music all night. I think I danced every tanda "  (Tucson Tango Fest 2016)

Ney Melo, Tango Teacher

"You really were the best DJ at Tucson"  (Tucson Tango Fest 2016)

Vita Markman, DJ at various festivals
"You are one of the top 3 djs in bay area with shorey and felipe the other two. Your music is both rhythmic [..and lyrical..]...never tiring w the right mix of melody and energy"

Yuliana Basmajyan, Organizer of Southern California Tango Championship and Milonga Luna in Los Angeles

" Big thanks to Ashvin Iyer for creating one of the best nights at Luna with his music." Milonga Luna, Studio City (Los Angeles)  (Dec 12, 2014)

Varo Boyajyan, US-wide Tango DJ
"....absolutely loved the music of DJ Ashvin , who managed to break my resolve to not dance with his excellent tandas back to back to back!" (Milonga Luna, Los Angeles)

Oscar Casas, Tango teacher and professional from Argentina 

"Good DJ. Gracias por tu musica y todas tus gentilezas."
"Gracias amigo, por todo el trabajo y esfuerzo. Espero el nuestro sea de tu agrado. Un abrazo y te felicito por la musica en Inpala Lounge muy pero muy buena.  (Impala San Francisco milonga, 3/28/12)

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