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Hosts: Ashvin Iyer & Neri Trinidad

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We are sold out as of March 1. Thank you for your enthusiastic response to our invitation. Please join the waitlist above if you are interested in attending if a space opens up. You can email us at encuentro@tangouniverse.com if you have any queries.

The 2nd edition of Todo Corazón is an invitation-only Argentine Tango event for 150 close embrace enthusiasts who like dancing in a milieu of respect and etiquette, and who love Golden Age tango music as played in traditional Buenos Aires milongas.  The dancing will be predominantly close embrace traditional social dancing as found in the milongas of Buenos Aires. The use of mirada and cabeceo to invite people to dance is emphasized. By making the attendance invitational only, we strive to ensure an atmosphere of respect, a high dance level and good navigation, helping to ensure a quality experience for everyone.

Ashvin Iyer

Ashvin Iyer has been an organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2010. He hosted Milonga Tango Universe and Época weekly, building a community of 300-plus dancers over 10 years. Ashvin created highly popular events with top Buenos Aires teachers, performers and live bands. Ashvin is also an acclaimed DJ and one of the few North American DJs to be widely accepted in Buenos Aires, having played in over 40 of the tango mecca's most venerable milongas and venues.

Neri Trinidad

Neri Trinidad was a founding member of Siempre Milonguero, the association for US encuentros which seeks to preserve and promote Argentine Tango culture and traditional social dance of the Golden Age. An influential organizer since 1998, Neri has hosted many events in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to teaching, she brought many important maestros and milongueros to the Southwest. Neri hosted the Phoenix 4th of July Tango Retreat in 2010 where organizers envisioned what later evolved into Siempre Milonguero. In 2013, Neri hosted En Tus Brazos Encuentro in Phoenix. 

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