Milonga Genesis, San Francisco, Friday Feb 4 2022 

Ashvin Iyer absolutely nailed it last night! I danced every tanda from 9 pm. So tired and sore now, and so happy!! 

Encuentro Elegante, Seattle, Friday Oct 8 2021 

"Thank you for the lovely music. We had a blast!" 

"Thank you Ashvin Iyer. What a magical night!

Tucson Tango Festival, Saturday-Sunday July 3-4 2021 

"Ashvin's Iyer, OMG! His Saturday night set in Tucson might well be the finest piece of tango DJing I've ever experienced!" (Third person account via email)

Tucson Tango Festival, Saturday-Sunday July 3-4 2021(Social Media reaction)

El Valenciano, San Francisco, Tuesday May 7 2019

Hi Ashvin, Your music last night was perfect. Like you, I guess, I've been dancing in the best venues in Buenos Aires since my first trip there in 2002. The music is the only thing that can get me going. I was at another venue on Monday and the played that nursery rhyme pop "tango" half the time and, man, it makes me wonder if I still can dance! Thank you for so many beautiful classics."

Tucson Tango Festival, Tucson AZ, Sunday Mar 10 2019

"Best Music of the festival!!"
"...Music was excellent!"

Milonga at Alberto's, Mountain View CA, Sunday Feb 17 2019

Hi Ashvin, thank you so much for all your beautiful music, yesterday! The tandas were to die for! I really like the way you DJ! Beautiful beautifl music! Reminds me of what we listened to in Buenos Aires. Please keep it up!"

Milonga La Lunita, Vancouver, BC Canada (Monday, December 10 2018)

"Nice to see you in Vancouver. Great music yesterday!
" (email on Dec 11)

"So much fun last night @La Lunita. Loved your music choice (incl. cortinas!), thank you Ashvin!"

Milonga La Genesis, San Francisco, CA (Friday, September 14 2018)

Genesis rocked with Ashvin 's awesome energetic tunes! I don't even know how it went by so fast !! Now to try to sleep"

Saturday Milonga International Tango Summit, Los Angeles, CA (Saturday, September 8 2018)

Wonderful music!!!!! Thank you Ashvin Iyer" (Virginia Vasconi, International Tango Professional)
"Loved your music and your tango!"
"Your music rocks!"
"You are one of the masters"
"You know your stuff. Love your music!"

Great Northern Milonga, San Francisco, CA (Sunday, April 22 2018)

"It was great music!
" (Santiago Croce, Tango Professional)

Albuquerque Tango Festival Saturday Night Milonga, Albuquerque NM (Saturday, October 29 2016)

WOW!!!! Congratulations Ashvin!!!! You did absolutely fantastic job here tonight!!! Great music the whole evening long! "

"You were awesome! one could bear to leave the all-nighter!!"

"Music was just great, a real pleasure. You made a truly GREAT evening for everyone and a special time."

Tango Turns Festival Friday Night Milonga, Los Angeles CA (Friday, Oct 14 2016)

"Your music was superb, and I will remember it!!
 " (Michael Serry, Organizer)

La Genesis Milonga, San Francisco CA (Friday, August 5 2016)

Omg Ashvin Iyer killed it at Genesis just now " (Vita Markman, DJ Peer)

People were talkin' about how great the music was!"

Alberto's Milonga, Mtn View CA (Sunday 5/29/2016)

"The night was quite *special*. Ashvin kept us dancing that we blame him for our sore feet. Many of my leaders that night were murmuring ... "wow", "aww", "man, what's the title of this song? I know it is ....tanda ", "oh, I LOVE this one. He puts this after [this one]..., smart! " ... etc. I still *giggle* thinking about Sunday. "

Ashvin was bumpin' hard. He dont play....(He) has been an incredible DJ for a long time now"

Genesis Milonga, San Francisco, CA (Friday May 6 2016) 

"Ashvin totally rocked Genesis milonga tonight ! Wow what a night!"
"Thanks for the fantastic music last night...."

Tucson Tango Festival, Closing Milonga, Tucson AZ (4/10/2016) 
- patron comments

"Just wanted to say you did an amazing job on Sunday's milonga in Tucson, I had to pass out from sheer exhaustion, I was enjoying the milonga so much, I'm hoping Jim brings you back next year!"

No kidding, He was fantastic!!"

 Ashvin, you totally nailed it. No one could bear to sit down for even one tanda. Great way to end the festival!!!!!"

"Really enjoyed your music at the Tucson Tango Festival, Ashvin! Both the tandas and the cortinas. Wonderful energy!"

Tango Mio Milonga, Tuesday May 13 2014
"The music by Bay Area DJ Ashvin Iyer was beyond great--truly magnificent! The energy in the room was as high as I've ever seen it"

Alberto's Milonga, Mountain View, CA (Sun Jan 24 2016) 

"Thank you Ash for outstanding music with excellent choice of clear cut, all choice and age uplifting cortinas!!!! First time I personally heard so many appreciations for a DJ's choice of music and I am a long time regular there (...) Bravo " 
"Thank you for the great music

Thursday Milonga @Studio Gracia, San Francisco (Thurs May 28 2015) 

"Great job last night and thanks for the excellent Salsa song."
" your music"

Alberto's Milonga, Mountain View, CA (Sunday May 24 2015)
"Thanks for the great music, Ashvin! "
"The music (was) awesome"

El Valenciano Milonga, San Francisco (Apr 14, 2015)

"i loooooove(d) the music..... you were awesome. ...(also) the quality (of the sound) was really totally score with flying colors"

Milonga "El Abrojito", Argentine Association Burbank (Feb 26 2015)

" What a wonderful night of music! Thanks again, Ashvin!!"
 "Great tandas!! I had such a wonderful time. Ashvin, you're fantastic!"

Tango Mio Milonga, Los Angeles (Feb 24, 2015)

" ...the MUSIC! Ashvin Iyer, you were phenomenal! Gorgeous tandas--amazing energy. The floor was packed ALL NIGHT!"
 "Thank you Ashvin for the fantastic music, you are the best."

" ... a wonderful Pisces birthday milonga with fabulous music. "

Tango Mio Milonga, Los Angeles (Dec 16, 2014)

" ...a HUGE thanks to Ashvin Iyer for extraordinary music! Really, I didn't hear one tanda last night that I wouldn't have wanted to dance to. It was deejay mastery all night long. "

Milonga Luna, Studio City (Los Angeles)  (Dec 12, 2014)

" Big thanks to Ashvin Iyer for creating one of the best nights at Luna with his music."
"....absolutely loved the music of DJ Ashvin , who managed to break my resolve to not dance with his excellent tandas back to back to back!" (DJ Peer)

Milonga "La Rusa",  San Francisco  (Nov 19, 2014)

"Great Music. Thanks"

Milonga Época Tango Universe, Oakland (Sep 27, 2014)

"Another amazing Milonga with my favorite dj."

Milonga Corazón, San Francisco (July 3, 2014)

"Tonight: music - amazing! Dancing - amazing! Even cortinas -amazing!" (DJ Peer)

Tango Mio Milonga , Los Angeles (5/13/2014)

"great music last night!!" (DJ Peer at the milonga)

"...everytime I walked by someone, all I heard was....I love this DJ! The music is so great!"

"I rarely hear anything new (to me) at a milonga but Ashvin was full of delightful surprises at Tango Mio."

"A night of extraordinary musical selection, including some wonderful selections that were new to me."

" ....very refreshing to have a DJ who has a wonderful personality and no ego"

Milonga Nocturna, San Diego (5/10/2014)

"Ashvin, enjoyed your milonga (music) Sat night very much, thanks :)" (DJ Peer and Festival Organizer)

Practica at Electric Lodge, Venice CA, (5/12/2014)

"Thank you very much for coming to our practica and DJ! The music was great and we had a great time." (Practica host and tango teacher)

Chicago Mini Tango Festival, Sat and Sun events (Apr 10-13, 2014)

"Had my last tanda of the weekend.....with the best DJ at the festival."
" I hope everybody agrees with me: great music, great energy and great dances. " 
"I understand that everyone enjoyed your music." (Ray Barbosa, festival organizer)

Tango Universe Oakland, CA (Apr 5 2014)

"Great night tonight Ashvin, excellent music!"

Tony and Ilana (Seattle), Tango Teachers, Tango Universe Oakland, CA (March 15 2014)

"Your music selection was excellent! We had a wonderful time!"

DJ Tour #4, Los Angeles, CA (Dec 2013)

"Thanks for your consistent great music for uplifting us in milongas."
"Oustanding music with Ashvin Iyer, super DJ. " (Elizabeth Tambasco, Tango Teacher, Milonga El Floridita 12/18)

Great music you played last night! (Tango Mio, 12/17)

As usual, Ashvin, the right tanda for the momentary mood.

It was great music And a really good night ! (Tango Mio, 12/17)

"...superb music by ASHVIN IYER. Ashvin has been playing great music around town all this week..."  (Tango Organizer)

2ToTango, New Delhi, India (10/29/13)

"DJ Ashvin Iyer nailed it. In my case, I know how folks in the US love his milongas. but it was fascinating to see him execute his craft live. He essentially captured the spirit of the night. Starting with a DiSarli sextet from the 20's was sheer brilliance. Fair to say, this was a hit.. and considering his roots are in Delhi, this was the best "Welcome" home moment that he could have. Thank you (...), and congratulations once again."

"Ashvin Iyer , fabulous music..have not danced non stop in a long time.. sir,you are sure a clever dj, you kept the energies high through out the evening. Amazingly good stuff."

Tango Mio, Los Angeles, CA (9/17/2013)

"Ashvin Iyer was on FIRE with his amazing tandas"
"Great Music!! You are a fantastic, wonderful DJay"

 El Encuentro, Tango Room, Sherman Oaks, CA (9/17/2013)

"Best . Night. At el encuentro. Ever. Wow. Awesome music by Ashvin Iyer + fantastic dances + lovely atmosphere = utter exhaustion and happiness"

"Exceptional DJing, awesome dancer. You are a breath of fresh air."

DJ Peer, Various Los Angeles Milongas, CA (9/8,10,11,14,17/2013)

"Ashvin Iyer is playing some amazing music at Milonga El Floridita! Everyone should be here!!! Valses by OTV! Omg so beautiful!"
"I rarely am SO pleasantly surprised by many new songs and all exceptional, danceable.....that donato tanda was superb"

Tango Mio Milonga, Los Angeles, CA (9/10/13)

"It was a warm, wonderful night with amazing music by Ashvin Iyer, who kept the floor PACKED all night long."
"Thank you for your wonderful music. It was perfect for a late Summer's eve."

Grand Casino Milonga, Culver City CA (9/8/13)

"Thank you Ashvin for great music last night at Grand Casino and for your presence"

Tango Universe, Oakland CA (8/24/13)

"I have to thank you for last night's music, which was either extraordinary or at least seemed that way to me!  I was on such a tango "high" from the "up" music, as well as dancing some extra special tandas...."

Los Angeles DJ Tour #2, CA (Jul 2013)
"Thank you so much for the great music at all the milongas..... Looking forward to your next Djing milonga."
"Thank you for great energetic music at Milonga Luna tonight. (7/19/13)"

 Patron Comments, Milonga El Floridita, Hollywood CA (7/17/13)

"Awesome music last night (...).I had so much fun(....)Was so tired when I got home"

"I danced so much I got tired"
"Que divertido noche de tango en Milonga El Floridita con super star DJ Ashvin Iyer"

Organizer and Host of Tango Mio, Los Angeles CA (6/11/13, 6/4/13)

" You're a great deejay...(...)...Thanks for the incredible music both nights at Tango Mio. We want you back SOON!"
"What a fantastic night at Tango Mio last night (6/11)! Over 120 people, superb music by Ashvin Iyer, crackling energy and lots of new faces"

Tango Mio, Los Angeles CA (6/11/13)

"Thank you for the great music Ashvin - please come back soon!.... Stay well and play lots of great music - I so enjoyed every evening I danced to your music!!  You are so talented and gifted in this area."

"Great music, Ashvin! Now you gota come back soon and DJ sum more"

"Wonderful music great guy!!!"

"Wonderful music! Beautiful tandas! Thank you!"

Milonga El Floridita, Hollywood, CA (6/5/13)

"Great music tonight!"
"Great night and DJ...."
"Ashvin rocked the music, great night." (DJ Peer)

 Tango Mio, Leonardo's Los Angeles, CA (6/4/13)

"Just to say thank you for the great music you played for us last night at MIO milonga. As you (might) have heard last night, we are Milonga organizers and we will be honored if you would DJ at our milonga." (Event Organizer, other milonga)

Twilight Milonga@Studio 1924, Oakland CA (5/5/13)
"Thank you for the wonderful music on Sunday, Ashvin! No wonder that Milonga was an hour longer than it was announced :) (Went an hour past schedule)"

Tony & Ilana, guest teachers from Seattle (Tango Universe, Oakland CA 3/16/13)

"We had a wonderful time at your milonga; friendly people, beautiful space, awesome energy and great music."

Patron Comments, ValenTango Post-Festival Brunch, Portland, OR (2/25/13) 

"Thanks for the music in tango brunch. I really very enjoyed. (sic)"
"Djing tonight one of my milongas and want to play in your honor a tanda, what is your fav one? and I will play in your honor for such awesome music @ the brunch!" (DJ Peer)

Patron, TangoUniverse Milonga, Oakland (2/2/13) email subj: "Bravo"

"Ashvin, you really hit a home run last night. I can tell you others were saying how much they enjoy your music. I know how much work you put into it and I want to acknowledge this. I know that ANYTIME I go to your milongas the music will be good, and that is not something I can say about anyone else in the Bay Area. At best it’s hit or miss (in other places).
By the way, those fox trots were just TREMENDOUS."

David Graybill, DJ, Sacramento CA, patron at Claremont Hotel Milonga, Berkeley CA (6/24/12)

"I have to say, again, your play list was absolutely perfect Sunday at the Claremont. Every song had excitement and energy… intrigue and the forbidden promise of an unforgettable night …. You have the ‘ear’ and that’s unusual...... I have to say, secondly, your mastery of the science of the play list was extraordinary. There were no pauses, stops or buzzes. You had perfect space between songs and an obvious cortina....You’re doing everything perfectly.." Website review of TangoUniverse milonga

"Ashvin teaches a class before the milonga and is also a fantastic DJ"

Message on Facebook from Patron, Impala Lounge, San Francisco (6/13/12)
"I was the one who raved about your DJing at Impala a couple of weeks ago."

Patron. TangoUniverse, Metronome, San Francisco (5/31/12)
"Last night's milonga at the Metronome was fabulous! Ashvin deejayed and he was excellent!"

Patron, TangoUniverse, Oakland (3/31/12)
"Great music as always last night. Glad to see such a good turnout."

Grand Opening @ Impala Lounge, San Francisco (3/28/12)

"wonderful job, DJ'ing last nite, my man :)"
"great music at Impala. Thank you."
"GREAT JOB last night!" (Host and Organizer)

Oscar Casas, Tango teacher and professional from Argentina (Impala San Francisco milonga, 3/28/12)

"Good DJ. Gracias por tu musica y todas tus gentilezas."
"Gracias amigo, por todo el trabajo y esfuerzo. Espero el nuestro sea de tu agrado. Un abrazo y te felicito por la musica en Inpala Lounge muy pero muy buena. 
Thanks friend for all the work and effort. I hope ours is to your liking. A hug and congratulations for Inpala Lounge very, very good music. (Translated by Bing)"

Milonga Weekend TangoUniverse + Claremont (3/3, 3/4/12 - Facebook)

"You have a terrific Milonga..great job! You have helped make the East Bay Tango scene really grow!"

Belrose Milonga, San Rafael CA (3/11/12)

"Great music as always."
"The music was lovely. I wished the Milonga would have been a bit longer."

Milonga @ Claremont Hotel, Berkeley CA (3/4/12)

"Spectacular DJing at a spectacular milonga."
"...great fun to hear your mix -- it was the dancing highlight of our weekend."
"Musicalizador! Nice Dj-ing at Claremont. Thanks." (Sabine Rohde, Tango Teacher)

Host, La Milonga Azul @Metronome, San Francisco CA (2/11/12)
"Thanks again for a wonderful night of music!"

Belrose Milonga, San Rafael CA (1/15/12): email from patron titled "you killed"

"...Wonderful music yesterday. Normally I’m suicidal on Sundays thinking of facing Mondays but the music was just great."

La Milonga Cafe Cocomo, San Francisco (10/16/11 - DJ Review)

".....FYI, and by sheer coincidence, my wife listened to Ojos Negros, all day long and from different orquestras.  

Your musica last night was truly exceptional.  And we said just that to Fernando and Mimi when they both asked us as we were leaving.  And to add to the evening, you played Ojos Negros as we were leaving! My wife was ecstatic.  

FYI, a highly experienced DJ once told us that a good DJ has a feel for what the dancers want to hear.  We have a specific story along these lines, but that's for another day.  For the moment, it was remarkable that you played the song my wife had been listening to all day.  Guau!  (Wow in English)"

Oscar Casas - Argentine Tango Teacher (10/1/11 - Facebook)

"Gracias amigo por darnos un trato digno y amigable. Nos encanto tu milonga y la manera de organizarlos. Ademas te digo que la musica que pasaste fue fabulosa. Un abrazo y hasta la proxima."
"Thank you friend for treating us with dignity and hospitality. We loved your milonga and the manner of its organization. Additionally, I want to tell you that the music you played was fabulous. A hug and until the next time.
Tango Universe Patron - 3/6/10 (3rd time DJing, 1st time for this patron)

" I realize that the appreciation of music is of personal taste.  But you did an excellent job of selecting the music to be danced to, and it was well diversified (tango, milonga, and vals) for the enjoyment of the participants.

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