• Minimum pay for a pre-milonga class is $70 if you're a single teacher ($100 if you are a couple). We realize sometimes class turnouts can be low and to that end, want to cover your travel and miscellaneous expenses. Min pay can vary if you are from out of town.
  • Payment will be made immediately after the service is provided.
  • Any and all announcements for the teachers are to be made solely by the organizer of the milonga. If you have certain announcements to make (private lessons, other gigs/milongas, tour dates etc), please compile them into a list and give them to the organizer in advance.
  • Group photographs after class are not allowed. However, in certain cases it can be permitted if you make a request in advance of the day of the class. Please do plan to complete the photograph within the allotted class time.
  • Videos of class demos are to be completed during the allotted class time.
  • Performances: You must have the songs you are performing to. stored in a flash drive, which must be used on the DJ's equipment. Using any other device (e.g. iPod) is not acceptable.


  • Minimum pay for a DJ is $50 for the night, and can go as high as $25-$30 per hour. Pay will be communicated and mutually accepted before the gig is confirmed.
  • The organizer provides a simple cable that connects the main amp to the headset jack of a laptop computer/iPod/iPad/smart phone. If you have other equipment, please make sure you have the associated cables (2.5", USB, Mini, RCA etc). And, don't forget the power cord of your laptop!

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