First Time at an Encuentro?

An Encuentro is a role-balanced, mini tango marathon with a few caveats: Encuentros are considered mainly private events; attendance is by invitation. This is because the hosts attempt to maximize the possibility for every dancer to have a wide variety of suitable partners to enjoy the dance with. Also the event is set up like a traditional Buenos Aires milonga, where adherence to the codes of the milongas is strongly emphasized. If you are unfamiliar with or unsure of the codes, please let us know privately and we can point you in the right direction.

We realize each Encuentro is unique and different in terms of dance expectations. In this one, your hosts do not restrict your style of dance, nor force you to “dance Milonguero style”. What we do ask is that you dance elegantly in a close space so as not to disturb other dancers. This expectation is no different than many milongas in Buenos Aires, where space is limited and a crowded floor is common. We find that dancing in a closed embrace is most optimal, and that expansive moves may result in collisions. Space will be limited on the floor with a crowd of 150 dancers, the attendance limit for this event.

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