I'm not known as "a teacher" of tango in the Bay Area, but I can teach really well, my strength being the ability to pinpoint the one thing you can improve that will impact your life the most. I've had any number of musculoskeletal issues and have had to re-teach myself just to move many times in life. So I guess the patient became the doctor.

I teach privately only at this time. Private lesson fees are $80 plus floor fees (single or couple)

Former Assignments in Teaching

I used to teach at 
Milonga Genesis in San Francisco (various dates)
Allegro Tuesdays (a good part of 2019)
Intermediate+ Group Lessons most Saturdays at Lake Merritt Dance Center Oakland (not too frequent in recent years but 2010-2015)
Beginner Group Lessons some Fridays at La Pista, San Francisco  (A long, long time ago)

Testimonials for "The Teacher":

"Hi Ashvin, wanted to let you know that I already feel more grounded and stable in my dance, and many friends at the practica also noticed this. My dance changed over night! You are amazing! I wish you stay (in town) longer!"

"(Ashvin) is an EXCELLENT teacher and dancer and has a deep understanding of the body mechanics involved in dancing well and safely.
He has had some physical challenges that would have stopped most people in their tracks...but perhaps because of that, he has developed the most solid understanding of technique and musicality of anyone I know in the states."

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