Ashvin Iyer

Ashvin has a deep understanding and keen eye for the shapes of the tango. Rather than rely on years of physical and dance training, he uses his training in engineering and computer science, and his sense for the circular shapes and the movement of tango over space and time in order to improve and enhance his dance.  Although he has only been dancing three years, his progress in the dance has been exponential and is growing by the minute.

Sandra Fletcher 

Sandi comes from a long background of dancing, from ballet and tap in her early years to over 10 years of ballroom and latin dancing. She started dancing tango 8 years ago and is constantly building and shaping her awareness of the dance. She trains with Phillip Dizick, who is one of the top former competitive ballroom dancers of our time. She is my practice partner and took me on when I was taking my first steps in tango. 

Ronnie Louie 

 Ronnie has been dancing tango for over 8 years and comes from a background of latin and salsa dancing. He specializes in cuban style salsa and has a quietly understated dance style yet sophisticated and highly advanced repertoire. He currently teaches a salsa group at City College, and also directs a salsa performance group. In the tango world, his interests lie in the nuevo-alternative tango space.

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