Barry Gillaspie

FRIDAY AFTERNOON 1PM - 5PM    “Apertura” 

Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Barry has been in tango for 23 years. He shares classic tango music for dance that he culturally absorbed and acquired over many years of travel to Buenos Aires. He has been Djing for 17 years and was a featured DJ for the very first Encuentros in the USA. He is a regular DJ in Tucson and has served at Encuentros in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Washington State. He has played at local milongas across Arizona, and in San Diego and Las Vegas. Barry has enjoyed dancing in venues crisscrossing the USA, Europe, Asia and Mexico.  He is an original contributor to Siempre Milonguero during its early stages and he is excited to be joining you in San Francisco for another wonderful event.

Michael Arntz

FRIDAY NIGHT 8:30PM - 1AM  "Bienvenida"

Michael Arntz combines his years of experience as a tango dancer, professional DJ and as a performing musician to create traditional milongas that delight the experienced tango dancer, with a focus on Golden Age Tango from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.  Michael has been involved in the San Francisco Bay Area Tango and International Tango Festival scene since 2001. He is invited to play at local milongas such as Rubia, Tango on Broadway, Milonga Época in Oakland, and special New Year's Eve dances. Michael was one of the invited DJs at the inaugural Todo Corazon Encuentro San Francisco.

Vijay N


Vijay has been dancing tango and DJing for over 2 decades. He has featured as a DJ in several milongas, festivals and marathons..Vijay has lived and danced in US, Europe and Asia and as a result his dancing and DJing style is inspired by the various milonga cultures he has experienced. Overall, he just likes to keep the dancers engaged, inspired and entertained.

Caroline Peattie

SATURDAY NIGHT 8:30PM - 1AM    “Noche de Estrellas” 

Caroline Peattie has been dancing and deejaying tango for nearly 25 years. As a dancer she is highly regarded and sought-after as both a leader and follower, and she brings her wonderful musicality and sensibility to the music she plays for others while deejaying. Over the decades she has played at numerous encuentros, events, and local SF Bay Area milongas. Caroline plays arrangements from the Golden Era specifically charted for energy and cadencia that has moved dancers and made tango famous worldwide.

Ashvin Iyer

SUNDAY 7PM - Midnight    “Dominguera”

Ashvin has been DJing for 12 years and his tandas stand out for being unpredictable and deeply evocative. Ashvin has played all over Buenos Aires in multiple DJ tours (5 tours and 42 events as of November 2023). These milongas include Parakultural, Porteño y Bailarin, Gente Amiga, Cachirulo, La Rosa, Yira Yira, La Del Centro, Champagne, Balmaceda, El Motivo and others. In November 2022, Ashvin was interviewed by the Buenos Aires Tango Radio station La 2x4 FM92.7, after his work was hailed as seminal.

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